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MamaSita Yoga Has Options

Principally a private client, and event based yoga studio. We specialize in luxurious sound baths, gong therapy, advanced mantra practice, personal sadhana development, and other modalities to help your spiritual integration, and for daily intentional and joyful living.

You can arrange for private 1:1 yoga, gong therapy, sound healings and more, by contacting us directly at

Later in 2023, we will once again offer weekly online group Kundalini yoga, breathwork, and sound healing events in a private online portal, that will be our yoga “studio.”

There will be different plans and programs available. Subscribe for more info.

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Coming back in Fall 2023, MamaSita Yoga’s online membership will re-launch.

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A practice you can stick with…

Prior to practicing Kundalini, Arin Rosa was not very spiritual and thought yoga was rather silly. A powerful retreat experience changed her mind.

Someone on the retreat suggested Kundalini yoga as a great way to integrate spiritual awakenings and revelations. So Arin took the advice!

After attending her first class with a gong bath sound healing, and plenty of mantra chanting, she immediately fell in love with the Kundalini practice.

The combination of pranayama (breathwork), mantras, and extended postures…activate the innate intelligence of our body, regulating the nervous system and meridian systems. All of this causes a massive shift in your state of being, and responses to life events. Add in magical sound healing instruments and its a recipe for total energetic renewal.

With a consistent practice, you too will notice similar results.

Subtle shifts and changes in your awareness and state of being will open the door for you to be able to experience more peace of mind and joy in your daily living.

Kundalini yoga movements and postures aren’t like other yoga practices that emphasize asanas and flow. Each class centers around a Kriya (set of exercises).

Why MamaSita?

Needless to say, as Arin was falling in love with the new energy and peace in her life, she wanted to take it to the next level and enrolled in yoga teacher training with Great Divine Flow Yoga in the San Diego area.

After her training she received the spiritual name Sita Daspreet Kaur, which means incarnation of divine mother energy serving with the highest heartfelt consciousness and love.

She decided to name her online studio as a play on her name. MamaSita is like saying Chai Tea… repeating the emphasis on the loving divine mother energy.

Sita Daspreet holds this practice with lots of devotion and integrity, without the need of a specific guru to follow… because YOU are your best guru. The wisdom is always within you.

She is trauma-informed and a practitioner of somatic modalities, and integrates this into the powerful space held for her students to have a new experience of themselves through the yoga practice.

Kundalini yoga allows you to come home to your authentic self, called the SAT NAM, which is the truth of your identity, the authentic frequency that is YOU.

Learn more about the benefits of Kundalini yoga by watching the video below.

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Sita Daspreet is constantly expanding her knowledge and skillset of yoga, sound healing, enneagram, human design, light language, shadow work and other healing modalities.


This yoga practice will change your life, in the best way possible.


Be inspired to wake up each day because you are filled with energy and joy.


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